Teeling: Single Grain

Teeling Single Grain

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Nose:  Honey, baked apricots, nutmeg, red apples, cinnamon sugar, coconut milk, bees wax, vanilla, soggy Weet-Bix covered in brown sugar.  A slight grassy tinge just wafting lazily in the background. Palate:  Honey, grapes, sultanas, and more of that soggy and sugary Weet-Bix.  Some apples are also present somewhere in the background - this time green rather than the red apples on the nose.  A tiny amount of cinnamon - proper cinnamon, not cinnamon sugar.  Quite sweet, but not overdone. Mouthfeel: Thicker than any other Teeling whiskey that I've tried - resonably weighty for an Irish whiskey, medium weight when compared…

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