Bruichladdich: Octomore Ten Years – Vintage 2008

Bruichladdich Octomore Ten Years - Vintage 2008

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Nose: Caramel fudge, creme brulee, and golden sultanas. Also the vaguest hints of Christmas cake, and the slightest glimpse of roasted almonds. All wrapped in a soft marine note. Palate: Toffee, burnt cherries, leather, custard, and mixed nuts. There's a constant presence of an earthy-underbrush smoke, but it never really comes to the fore. Mouthfeel: Thick and creamy. Absolutely no burn. Finish: Long and dry. Quite ashy, and a little peppery - but still quite sweet somehow. This is Bruichladdich's third release of a ten year old Octomore, and has been bottled with no colouring and no chill-filtering at 56.8%…

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Without a doubt - this is magnificent!

Bruichladdich: Octomore 9.3

Bruichladdich Octomore 09.3

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Nose: Loads of fresh malted barley, milk arrowroot biscuits, along with apple & honey porridge come first up. Then comes the peat - strangely medicinal for an Octomore. There's also hints of wood shavings, and a faint eucalyptus note. Palate: Raw malty spirit, smokey tea, lemon sponge cake, and soggy hay. Loads of smoke - perhaps a little more ashy and tarry than is normal for Octomore. Mouthfeel: Thick and chewy - it coats your mouth and just stays there. Finish: Long, dry, and smokey. The more medicinal notes return, along with a lingering saltiness. The Octomore of Octomore. The…

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Maybe - not sure I'd pay for another bottle though.

Bruichladdich: Octomore 9.1

Octomore 09.1

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Nose: Soft, malty, earthy. Weet-bix with creamed honey. A touch of burnt gingerbread. There's smoke lingering, but it's only really in the background. Palate: Lots of vanilla, and big on the malt-biscuit notes as well. A little bit nutty, and thoughts of wet grass in there somewhere too. There's also some floral overtones as it passes to the back of the tongue, and wafts of strong black tea turning into a deeply vegetal smoke. Mouthfeel: Soft, creamy, velvety. Typical Octomore - nearly 60% shouldn't be this soft! Finish: The honey hides, and the malt biscuits are now coated in dark…

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Absolutely - a solid whisky.