Heartwood: Any Port In A Storm

Heartwood Any Port In A Storm

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Nose:  Fudge, caramel toffee, golden syrup, brown sugar, caramel popcorn, and oat biscuits. Palate:  Jam on burnt toast, cinnamon, a little bit spicy.  Also some grandfather tawny, cloves, and some nutmeg. Mouthfeel:  Although fairly lightweight in comparison to the palate and nose; it has a medium weight.  It's also quite dry, and has a slight alcohol tingle. Finish:  Spicy, yet sweet.  The finish is super long, and my mouth jut can't stop watering for a really long time. [divider] This bottling is 95% 15 year old Sulivan's Cove (cask HH593), and 5% 7 year old Lark (cask #644).  It has…